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Military & Government

Military & government

Computers used in these markets go where the action is, everywhere in the world, indoors and out, regardless of the weather. Military organisations use computers with the highest requirements for access and reliability. There's usually no time for replacements in the heat of battle, and the environment changes with the whims of combat. Government users can include for example, Investigative or Intelligence units, Customs, or others that use their computers in the field for data-collection of fact-finding.

Bit Tradition's design concepts protect the life of the computer from shock, vibration, water, dust, and extreme temperatures. Because Bit Tradition's development and production facilities are closely integrated, customers receive both the advantages being able to order standard products and the being able to create computer platforms specific to their own needs. Need MIL-connectors on a product? Just discuss the requirement with your salesman. Creating a network of computers for combat units in the field? Bit Tradition know what's needed, and have all the products specifically designed for this purpose.

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