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Healthcare & Medical

Healthcare & Medical

For the specialized environment of hospitals, doctors' offices or ambulances where reliability is a key issue.

If computerized healthcare is meant to save lives, then the computer has to work, it's that simple. Bit Tradition Industrial Technology products can be found in hospitals, in doctors' offices, in ambulances on- or off the road, in the air or at sea.

The industrial Display can be scrubbed before and after operation, in the hospital itself or the operation tent in the field. Bit Tradition Tablet PC's or the WLAN Intelligent Portable Displays can be the life-saver your ambulance attendant uses to monitor your vital signs and communicate them to the doctors in the emergency room via the Bit Tradition Mobile Computing Platform. Like all Bit Tradition Industrial Technology products, they will survive the rugged hands-on treatment of staff who just want their equipment to work consistently, even under hardest conditions such as rain, when dropped into the snow or with sea water splashing on the screen,

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