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Bit Tradition GmbH introduces... | Pressrelease 24.01.2012


...Unique Rugged Convertible Notebook Based on the Intel® i7 microprocessor with an Integrated Extension Unit for PCI Express slot and all I/O on MIL connectors.

Bit Tradition has developed and now produces a Rugged Convertible Notebook Bit-RCN-1320 with an Integrated Extension Unit, which brings improved withstanding against environmental impacts on the Bit-RCN-1320 besides an additional flexibility on the usage of electronic interfaces.

Advantages of Integrated Extension Unit of Bit-RCN-1320

Due to consequent application of connectors dedicated designed for extreme environmental conditions, all interfaces, standard as well as customer specific, can be used now under any circumstances and conditions. Opposed to typical outdoor computer systems (e.g. IP protection may be violated due to open flaps when attaching cabling to interfaces) the Bit-RCN-1320 with the Integrated Extension Unit will keep alive all requirements, even with external data cables being attached.

This includes also the usage of the SD and the PCI Express Card slot. The Extension Unit provides the customer application enough space to place the required cabling inside the Extension Unit and to bring the data connection to the rear side connectors. The design of the rear box connector plate was made in terms of easy access to cabling and most possible flexibility, when it comes down to special customer requirements.

The Bit Tradition Extension Unit also provides an extended input voltage range. While typical laptops require a fixed voltage, the Bit-RCN-1320 Extension Unit provides a wide range from 18V up to 36V in the standard version. Other DC ranges can be easily integrated on request. The Extension Unit integrated DC/DC converter has no impact on the battery functionality of the Bit-RCN-1320. The Bit-RCN-1320 can be used as always with the integrated battery pack without the loss of any integrated or additional functions given by the Extension Unit.

In the standard version Bit-RCN-1320 with the Bit Tradition Integrated Extension Unit provides the following data interfaces:

Bit-RTC 1015
  • Extended Power In from 18V up to 36V
  • 2 USB 2.0 board with 500 mA
  • 3 USB 2.0 ports for low power or self-powered USB devices with 100 mA
  • 1x RS 422 interface
  • 1x RS 232 interface
  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces
  • 1x Audio Out (Stereo) and 1x MIC Input
  • 1x VGA interface for external display

All connectors are IP65 approved and MIL STD 38999 compliant. In addition, all connectors are also RoHS compliant due to the surrender on Cadmium based surface treatments.
Other configurations are easily to adopt just by replacing the rearbox connector plate.

The Extension Unit is equipped with 1/4" and 3/8" stainless steel made threading's on the bottom side of the system, so a simple and flexible usage of standard or custom tripods as well as GorillaPods (tm) is possible.

As an option, the Extension Unit can be equipped with an additional sun shield, dedicated for the tablet mode of the Bit-RCN-1320. While the sun shield can be removed easily and toollessly, it can be also used as an additional protection of the Bit-RCN-1320 when it is not in use.

Bit Tradition has developed... | Pressrelease 16.02.2012

Field Application based on Frame-Grabber PCI Express Slot Card.

Besides the standard version of the Extension Unit as the base for custom adoption, Bit Tradition also offers factory approved function add-ons like single or multi channel analog frame-grabbers. Based on the Imperx VCE Analog Framegrabber as PCI Express Slot Cards, Bit Tradition offers 1 and 2 Channel ready-to-use solutions with or without additional trigger inputs.

Feature list for Analog Framegrabber option:

Bit-RCN 1320

Recommended End User price for Bit-RCN-1320 with Integrated Extension Unit and MIL I/O connectors:

für nur 5.950,00 €

  • Supports Windows XP® / Windows Vista® / Windows 7®
  • Supports 32bit and 64bit Windows OS
  • ExpressCard/54 compliant
  • NTSC, PAL, SECAM and RS170 compliant
  • Standard or flat package
  • Plug-and-play, hot insertion and removal
  • Fast video capture (up to 30 fps)
  • Captures single, multiple frames or AVI clips
  • Selectable window sizes
  • Adjustable image brightness, contrast, saturation, hue
  • Normal or delayed capture
  • Date, time and text overlay
  • Image viewer with DVR Controls
  • External trigger input
  • Intelligent scatter/gather DMA engine for fast efficient use of Express Card bandwidth and system memory
  • Full software suite including drivers, SDK and application


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