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Getac Tuning

Bit Tradition offers wide range of electronic and mechanical modifications for the standard Panasonic Toughbooks CF19, CF31, H2 as well as for standard Getac mobile rugged computer as X500, B300, S400, V100, V200, E100 & A790. Bit Traditon with it own Electronic and CAD departments will perform all modifications in-house. The CNC department with own 5 axes Herlme CNC machine will allow to care on with the most precise mechanical jobs in the industry. Our engineering department is responsible for all modification done by R&D department and guaranties that modified units shall comply with all Mil-STD’s, which specified for original products. One of the most FAQ’s is about guaranty for the final product. The answer is simple: the modified products have the same standard warranty range and terms as the original product. For more details please contact our administrative department.

With two climate chambers as well as shaker form Spectral Dynamics in-house we can provide on customer request full evidence in the fulfillment of all military standards for temperature, humidity, shock and vibrations of modified products.

For a multitude of unusual applications and extreme site conditions see some certifications we offer for Bit-RCS Products:

Bit Tradition modified products with ultra-rugged options and expandability options, are built to handle the demands for your office, wherever your office is.


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