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Field Service

Field Services

Computers for installation or service of products in the field, measurement of environmental variables at sea, in the air, in space, in the field and for cases where the collection of data collected is more worth than the computer itself. These computers must be designed for high demands on reliabilty; furthermore, the systems must be flexible and survive in a wide range of environments.

Use a computer in the field for carrying out measurements or other applications that require portability and under environmental conditions that destroy most of common laptops. Field service computers can be used during installation or service of your products by field service employees who need a light-weight flexible computer.

Use your computer in the office or the field, with no bothersome data transfers. Your Bit Tradition System is a complete work-station, but portable and rugged, built for use in the field use and yet capable of integrating a number of expansion cards. The additional cards can turn your Bit Tradition System into a portable instrument for field use, an oscilloscope, a microscope, a SCADA system or a documentation library, being overall portable and rugged.

Take your Bit Tradition Industrial Portable System into the generator room of a wind-powered generator, out to sea in a rubber dingy to steer ROVs in the oil fields or out in the desert to measure the effectiveness of radio base stations.

Whereever you are you can be sure that your Bit Tradition System will perform and not fail. Back in the office it's still the same computer which can easily be networked into your lab, your manufacturing site or the CEO's office.

Use the JLT Tablet PC to collect data in the field and stay wired with the world at all times via a GSM or Bluetooth connection. Keep your repair- and machine documentation easily available on the Tablet PC or the VENUS if if will be a matter of size.

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