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Rugged Portable PC's

Portable PC's

Bit Tradition Rugged Portables ...

... are completely sealed rugged computers that has been designed for use in the toughest environments. It can be used where laptops and industrial portables fail. These extra robust portables were developed to cope with the daily strains which factory tools are exposed to. eg., outdoor use, service and repair, flightpath system analysis, geophysical exploration, and naval and military use.

To withstand use outdoors the Bit- RPC is made from corrosion resistant aluminium which shields the internal parts from shocks to 30g. Furthermore the computer is weatherproof and certified to NEMA12/IP65. Consequently there is no problem using it outdoors where exposure to rain, dust or snow can be expected to be part of the normal day.

Bit Tradition Rugged Portable's ...

... with ultra-rugged design and expandability options, are built to handle the demands for your office, wherever your office is.


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